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 I am a lifelong artist. My parents tell me that I picked up a pencil when I was two years old and I have been making art ever since! Originally from Maryland, life took me West to Utah, then Washington and, as of 2019, I am enthusiastically living and creating art in Boise, Idaho.

For the past 20+ years I have worked as an illustrator for fantasy gaming publications and fantasy themed children’s books. More recently I have been rediscovering my roots, finding joy and inspiration in a return to the fine arts. An underlying theme in both my illustrative work and fine art is a sincere love of the human figure and a deep connection with our natural world. I paint things that captures my interest, be it for aesthetic or sentimental reasons, untethered to any one specific subject matter. Additionally I prefer not to get too attached to a single creative process, instead challenging myself to envision, plan and develop my art in new and different ways. 


Ultimately, I am happiest when I am able to explore the mysteries and beauty of the people, places and things that surround me in my most beloved medium, watercolor.

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Beth Trott is an accomplished watercolorist living and painting in Boise, ID. She studied Fine Art at The George Washington University, receiving multiple art scholarships and awards throughout her undergraduate study. She has also studied drawing and painting (before and after her college career) with numerous skilled artists in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC region. 


Beth’s professional career began in Illustration. First published by Harper Collins in 1999, she proceeded to work with distinguished fantasy gaming publishers including Wizards of The Coast, Hasbro Entertainment Inc., Fantasy Flight Games, and many more. Beth also worked with independent authors and designers to create fantasy gaming content and fantasy inspired children’s books.


More recently Beth has gained recognition for her Fine Artwork, winning awards in local, statewide and U.S. regional exhibitions. Her work can be found on display in multiple venues and galleries throughout the Boise area. Beth continues to dip her watercolor brushes in many different palettes, enjoying the elements of her beloved realms of fantasy, exploring the sophisticated world of her fine artwork and taking on private commissions for individual clients.

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